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Minutes from ABM and ExCom 18th June Assen


Minutes from ABM and ExCom 18th June Assen

18th June 2015 the NSC had the 24th Annual Business Meeting and the 68th Executive Committee meeting in Assen. Here you will find the draftet Minutes from ABM and ExCom in Asse Minutes 68th ExCom Minutes 24th ABM Read more

NSC workshop at the Open Days


NSC workshop at the Open Days

During Open Days 12th-15th October the North Sea Commission will have a workshop at CoR's Meeting Place. The workshop has the title Emission Impossible? – Linking policy and low-carbon transport projects and will present four Interreg low-carbon transport projects. 13th October 11.15-13.00 the workshop will present the projects North Sea Region Electric Mobility Network, Baltic Biogas Bus project, HyTrEc and CARE-North+. These projects have in different ways worked with low-carbon transport with... Read more

Revision North Sea Region 2020


Revision North Sea Region 2020

The ExCom decided March 2015 to review the strategy paper by the half-way marker in 2016.  Why make a revision? The North Sea Region 2020 was adopted for a 10 year period. The half way marker is a good opportunity to analyse what we have already achieved, what is outstanding and how we can close the gap. The NSR 2020 is a good document. It has helped us to structure our own work... Read more

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